Getting Involved


St Paul describes the church as being a body - one body with many parts.  It doesn't matter how small a role you think you might play, it is important and we value all that takes place at St Francis.

Are you a gardener? 

Do you enjoy talking to people?

Can you pray for our community?

Do you bake and enjoy cooking?

Do you love to read and study or enjoy public speaking?

Do you feel called to be more involved in your community?

St Francis is part of the Diocese of Winchester (For more information click here). We have four priorities:

  1. Learning to be a disciple (follower) of Jesus
  2. Thinking afresh how the church can speak to this generation
  3. Improve our community so that it prospers
  4. Look after all that God has given us so that it flourishes

If you have any suggestions or feel God is calling you to get involved please contact us.